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  • Hotel Nightstand with 1pc Drawer and Stone Top
  • Hotel Nightstand with 1pc Drawer and Stone Top

Hotel Nightstand with 1pc Drawer and Stone Top


Cutting materials + processing + polish+ finishing + assembly


Product Details

Product Name:Hotel nightstand with 1PC drawer and stone top
Specific Use:Public area of hotel
Place of Origin:China
Environment Standard:E1 Standard
Material:Stone top + metal frame
Technical ProcessCutting materials + processing + polish+ finishing + assembly
1)We can provide stone and metal for options which conforms to commercial grade

2) Modern design, add stone top and metal frame
Brand Name:FC
Company Website:www.tx-hospitality.com

Product Advantage & Service

1. We make sure to design and produce according to customer's requirements

2. Our team can provide one-stop service, save the energy of the buyer and control the better cost

3. Can meet the different personality needs of different consumers to hotel furniture

4. Can reduce the inventory overhang

5. Reduce marketing costs

6. It is conducive to accelerating product development

7. Customization of hotel furniture has brought a lot of benefits to the hotel. In the future development process, customization of hotel furniture service will become a trend

Flyway Hospitality Co., Ltd supply Hotel Night Stand, Which Include Hotel Night Stand,our Products Have High Quality And Competitive Prices. Hotel Night Stand specifications.We Provide China finishing/assembly Modern design Hotel Nightstand Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers ,Exporter For Sale.

Hotel Night Stand Production process

The procedure for all of the products must be strictly processed and passed inspection, make sure that every single minute detail perfectly meets customer's requirment.

Packaging procedure for furniture:

1.Cover the first layer with PE foam, put cardboard protector for the necessary corners. Wood furniture or hardware fittings wrapped with PE foam or sponge, and then use weaving bag finish with stitching or caton box with sealing tape for the outer packing.

2.Glass top and Marble top use Expandable Polystyrene to pack for the first step, put in the carton box and then use wood frame to secure protection is well.

Hotel Night Stand  FAQ:

1.Can you furnished my hotel with furniture decoration plan?

 Yes,We will match your idea, match the style of the decoration you want, and all kinds of star hotel engineering cases for you to refer to and improve your idea.All the furniture sizes can be tailored to the actual space in your hotel.

 2.Is there a showroom in the factory?

 Yes, about 3000 square showrooms are in our factory. There are all kinds of furniture for your reference, such as lobby furniture, outdoor furniture, restaurant furniture, and more than 10 different decoration styles of hotel bedroom furniture and so on.

Our Company Is One Of The Leading Hotel Night Stand Manufacturers/suppliers. Our Public Hotel Night Stand Has High Quality And Competitive Price.

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Hotel Nightstand with 1pc Drawer and Stone Top

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Hotel Nightstand with 1pc Drawer and Stone Top

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Hotel Nightstand with 1pc Drawer and Stone Top