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Why Choosing Proper Hospitality Lighting Important?

Aug. 08, 2021

The right light creates a bright, friendly atmosphere in a hotel room. The wrong kind of light can spoil a beautifully decorated room. When guests first enter a room, it only takes a moment to make a good impression, so use warm and inviting hospitality lighting. Here are some reasons to focus on hotel pendants lighting, as shared by hotel chandelier suppliers.

Hotel pendants lamp has a contemporary, satin black finish that includes a black metal shade

Bring out the character

Usually, hotels in general use crystal lights and ceiling lights to decorate the lobby to appear bright and grand, and rooms use LED downlights, spotlights and table lamps for lighting to reflect a comfortable and warm bad situation. So the hotel lighting in the choice of lamps and lanterns pay attention to the structure of the lamp product itself with the hotel environment, giving people a clear feeling, but also more prominent hotel features.

Provide convenience

If a guest needs work done and the right lighting isn't provided, you could lose a customer. Preparing for a big night on the town is much more difficult if there is not enough light. Even reading a good book can be challenging if there isn't enough lighting. Guests may not easily notice these shortcomings, but when they find out that the lodging hotel does not provide lighting, they will definitely have a bad impression of you.

Influence the atmosphere

Proper hospitality lighting affects your guests' moods. Properly positioned lights will encourage positive emotions. When designing hotel lighting, the choice of lamps should be based on the size and style of the lobby. In this continuous space lighting area, a variety of lighting techniques need to be used, lighting should be primary and secondary at the same time, to create a warm and friendly environment atmosphere of the hotel lobby.

Activate your senses

Poor lighting can make your decor, food and furniture less attractive. Excellent lighting can stimulate your guests' senses even when they are out of sight.

Take a moment to analyze your lighting - does it promote a more positive guest experience?

Luxurious rooms with thick duvets and fine furnishings can be presented in the best possible way. Rich entrees and desserts can be made more appetizing with the right level of lighting and color.  

Hotel pendants lamp has a black finish that includes a white linen hardback

Stand out from your competition. Enhance the guest experience at your place of business with proper hotel lighting. Contact TengXiang to learn more about how hotel chandeliers can help you create the perfect stay.