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Choose and Buy a Hotel Bedside Tables

Jun. 29, 2021

Hotel Bedside Tables is the vast majority of hotel rooms must be paired with the department, although in the hotel room belongs to the small role, does not belong to the very important furniture, often a left and a right with, in fact, it is not, because whether the hotel room is large or small, it should be carefully designed. Because it can store and place the items in the bedroom. Such as: some daily necessities, a lamp placed at the head of the bed, or the guest's cell phone, to facilitate the life of guests, and better reflect the taste of the hotel. So how to buy a hotel bedside table?

Cabinets can be selected according to the shape of the hotel room:

1. area of the larger hotel room, choose a simple shape, founder of a wider range of styles, so that the display is serious and atmospheric.

2. smaller area of the room, can be properly designed combination nightstand, a mirror on the small cabinet, the lower part can store items, can be both bedside table and dresser two functions; or choose a more personalized bedside table to highlight the three-dimensional sense.

Hotel Bedside Tables

Hotel Bedside Tables

3. narrow hotel rooms, you can lean the Solid Wood Headboard on the wall, and the bed side by side to make a Meisha nightstand. This blunt corner cabinet can also serve the function of a sketch dresser and table.

4. On the basis of the shape of the bed to match. Generally speaking, the bed is generally square, but in recent years, round beds and beds are also gradually raising their heads. The shape of the headboard is also more diverse, no longer limited to the traditional square. You can choose a unique headboard according to the shape of the bed.

Choose according to your requirements:

1. if you only put a few items, choose the style with a single drawer can be, and occupy relatively less space

2. If you need to put a lot of things, you can choose a nightstand with multiple trellis, display frame can show a lot of accessories, but also to store books and other items, how to put, can be adjusted according to the needs; nightstand is generally 2 layers, there are also 3-4 layers, if you are storing everything on the nightstand, up to 2 layers; if you store a lot of things, it is recommended to use multiple decorative bed frame.

3. If the room is small, you can only put a bedside table, try to choose a strong sense of design, which can reduce its monotony; if the room is large enough, two bedside tables have a good symmetrical effect, storing too much.

I hope the above shared knowledge of the hotel nightstand will help you, in addition the company also provides a Customize Hotel Table, if you need, please feel free to contact us!