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A Few Experiences of Bedside Table Selection

Apr. 17, 2021

Hotel Nightstand Suppliers to share with you a few experiences in the selection of nightstands, I hope it will be helpful to you

Hotel Nightstand

Hotel Nightstand

1.The style of hotel bedside table selection

The standard size of the nightstand is unanimously very hotly debated a problem, how big the nightstand is placed on the side of the bed to look good, in our purchase when the size of the nightstand is very important, for different styles and sizes of the bed is also different. Today we mainly on a few beautiful bedside table and bed with the size of the size of the bed to give you a brief, I hope that the friends who will buy a bedside table some good reference.

The standard size of the nightstand: 520 * 400 * 415mm. this Hotel Nightstand and the height of the bed is basically the same, placed on the side of the bed without any sense of incongruity, and can be well with the bed, style and style are very coordinated. Headboard design is simple, feel good color gentle, is the choice of modern home, the quality of this style of headboard is also more solid use of life is also relatively long, this color is more resistant to dirt, will not easily destroy its color degree, cleaning is also very convenient.

2.Refuse to dull bedside table, for life to increase the mood

The general hotel will have a bedside table, its existence is not only to play a decorative role, but also to facilitate people to store objects. Most of our common bedside tables in daily life are relatively simple in shape, not much creativity. For young people, how can such a design meet their requirements. Reject the dull bedside table, with fashionable creativity for your life to add some mood.

3.The bedside table is too mixed too messy, teach you to create a pillow style

Nightstand in every room plays an essential and important role, although it seems so inconspicuous in the whole space, but it is silently embellished with home fashion. Bedside table as the pillow style of the gold pen, if the bedside table is too mixed too messy, then will greatly affect the room decorative effect.

Generally speaking, the traditional bedside table will be consistent with the style of furniture in the bedroom. Enclosed headboard is a more common style of bedroom with the main focus on practicality.

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